My name is Afolabi David. i finished my ICAN program in 2008 but went for induction in 2014. I have passion for teaching and to ensure that, others who are interested in becoming a qualified or certified Accountants achieve their goals. It is important to note that, the road to success is not always easy but your determination and resilience will ,make a big difference.

I want to share my experience here to encourage someone reading my posts. I attended one of the prominent government schools in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I grew up with little or no supervision, i had no counselor and there was no one to be accountable to. As a result, I  became confused and didn’t know what  to go and study n the higher institution. My secondary school period was a mess.

After my final exams , i asked one of my friends what he intended to go and study in the university and he told me Business Administration. That was the reason why i decided to go for business studies when i got admission into one of the Polytechnics in Osun State.  My perception about life changed  from that moment.

When i got to SS1 , my name came out in both Art and Commercial classes after I was disqualified  from being a science student because i failed the internal exam conducted by the school to ascertain the real science students and those of us who just joined the class without knowing what sciences entailed or stood for. I settled with ART class because of some students i considered as friends. we played and had fun together without any seriousness attached to our education.

Before then, a friend of mine in the Commercial class used to disturb me that i should come to commercial class since my name was also in the register. Due to his pressure, i thought of moving to commercial class not knowing what was ahead of me. My decision changed within a short time and i continued with my other friends in the ART class because of one topic in Accounts. This topic pushed me back to ART class with a resolve in my mind that i will never go back to Commercial Class. That topic is TRIAL BALANCE.. t threatened me and i ran away without looking back but when i got to the Polytechnic as a business studies student, Financial Accounting was part of the subjects on the list. Though it was a borrowed course, i can;t afford to fail it as this will lead to extra year. in School. i was shocked and disturbed when i saw it. This same Trial balance that made me to run away from Commercial class in my secondary school reappeared in Polytechnics. Who will help me now?

I was helped. yes i enjoyed the help of God. Real Help from God though the process of learning was rigorous. The voice of a lady who was my classmate then also helped me. Guess what! i can’t recognize that lady if i see her today. I knew she is tall but her name, I don’t know. She said, Accounts is not difficult, you just need to understand the principles. That was the turning point!

My sleep went away because i have to engage myself in serious reading and studies. I had several vigils to study alone. see me o. what could have been achieved and learnt with ease in secondary school now demanded several days of vigils. 

To the glory of God, I  completed my ICAN examinations in 2008. Not by my ability but by His grace.

No matter your past experiences, You can make it. Don’t ever write yourself off. With God on your side you are a success. You are born to succeed, you are born to rule, you are born to dominate. No exam should threaten you.

Impossibility is nothing

Thank You.

Afolabi David.